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1) Dynamics of International Business: Asia-Pacific Business Cases $55.00 (G)

Editors: Prem Ramburuth, Christina Stringer, Manuel Serapio
Published: Cambridge University Press, July 2013, ISBN: 9781107675469

Dynamics of International Business: Asia-Pacific Business Cases brings the challenges and complexities of the contemporary international business environment into the classroom. These authentic case studies, based on recent research and events, enable students to engage with the economic, social, political and intercultural factors that impact on international business and understand how these factors are addressed in the real world. Designed to facilitate a problem-based learning approach, the cases in this book: • draw on a diverse range of businesses and industries – from seafood to video games to renewable energy • illustrate fundamental themes and concerns within global business, including ethics, sustainability, emerging markets, and cultural and legal differences • span many countries across the Asia-Pacific region • include discussion questions that encourage students to apply international business theory in the context of realistic scenarios • include references and suggestions for further reading. Extra resources for instructors, including case synopses and learning objectives, are available on the companion website at
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2) Global Business Today, 3rd edn

Authors: Charles W. L. Hill Thomas Cronk, Rumintha Wickramasekera
Published: McGraw-Hill, July 2013, ISBN13: 9781743070154, ISBN10: 1743070152

The third edition of Global Business Today continues to effectively combine a world-wide orientation with an emphasis on the strategic issues that impact global business in our region.

The authors provide background on the political, economic, social or cultural aspects of countries grappling with an international business issue, raising students? awareness of how national and geographic differences affect the conduct of international business. Chapter 7, for example, contains a new Country Focus box titled, ?India?s stuttering economic transformation?. Developing economies are covered in the new Emerging Markets feature emphasizing the global coverage of the text and the increasing complexities and opportunities in international business. Chapter 13 contains Another Perspective box titled, ‘The China-plus-one? Strategy’.
Global Business Today weaves numerous, interesting anecdotes into the narrative of the text to engage the reader.
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3) International Business Australasian Edition: The New Realities

Authors: S. Tamer  Cavusgil, Hussain G. Rammal, Susan  Freeman
Published: Pearson, December 2011, ISBN: 9781442533561, ISBN 10: 1442533560

International Business 1st Australasian edition: the New Realities is a rigorous resource which motivates and prepares future managers to operate in multi-national settings, by delivering a teaching system that works.
Based on the authors’ collective teaching and working experience–as well as discussions with practitioners, students, and faculty staff—this is a complete teaching and learning system where cases, exercises and management skill builders are seamlessly integrated and matched to the topics in each chapter.
Case studies from a wide variety of markets relevant to Australasian businesses, including ASEAN countries (e.g. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) as well as China, India, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Europe and the Middle East, provide a real-world perspective to theories and examine the latest trends in international business.
International Business is accompanied by a rich and flexible set of teaching and learning resources, including Instructor’s Manual, Companion Website and a wide range of case studies to encourage critical thinking and reflection.
For undergraduate students majoring in international business or post-graduate courses in international business.

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4) Cases in International Business: Strategies for Internationalisation
Authors: Max Coulthard & Lawrie Dooley
Published: Tilde University Press, 2010
Cases in International Business: Strategies for Internationalisation consists of twenty current and ‘classic’ business cases from Australia and our region. Many have an international focus and look at expansion either from or into Australia. Some even look at ‘negative’ expansion.

Each case is accompanied by review questions, to which solutions are available.
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5) International Business Strategy: A New Zealand Perspective (2nd Edition)

Authors: Joanna Scott-Kennel and Michèle E. M. Akoorie
Published: MI Publishing, 2013

The book provides an up-to-date overview of concepts, theory and cases in international business strategy. It presents a well-grounded perspective on the shaping of global economy and the influences of its key actors; international institutions, multinational enterprises (MNEs), and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The text explains how international business strategy is formulated based on the foundations of industry and firm-level analyses, then it examines the operationalisation of strategy within the context of global and regional business environments. Emphasis is placed on a New Zealand perspective of international business strategy – both past and present – particularly in relation to the Asia Pacific Rim and beyond.

Key topics include: the rise of globalisation and recent trends in regionalisation; opportunities in emerging markets focusing on China and India; competitive positioning in the global business environment; internationalisation theory and trajectories; market entry modes including outsourcing; the theory of the MNE; forms of international strategy and structure; clusters and collaboration; the role of MNEs in economic restructuring; and sustainable strategy. The text also contains over 40 cases illustrating key concepts; including 11 teaching cases, with discussion questions, which are given at the close of each chapter.

ISBN 978-0-473-25059-1
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